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Iconic Strategies Ltd’s owner and director Simon Reynolds recently returned from the USA with plans to develop the firm and aid growth after meeting with many industry leaders. Reynolds has attended 3 major industry ceremonies this year in London and Cape Town, however, his most recent trip to America to attend the USA Sales Awards inspired the agency’s recent plans for growth. The USA Sales Awards, held in Philadelphia for the second year running is renowned as one of the most prestigious events in the industry’s calendar. It’s designed to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet with other business leaders. The event has been a valuable experience for the director of the Norwich based firm, 'Networking with International businesses was a big priority for me this year and it has certainly contributed to my drive to exceed expectations for a business of our size,' says Simon Reynolds of Iconic Strategies Ltd.

To support their plans for growth, Iconic Strategies Ltd has recently confirmed the company’s plans to take on another household brand name as a client this year, which is great news for the firm who are still a fairly young enterprise. As well as increasing their client base, the firm also have exciting plans to further their market reach throughout Norfolk and beyond, which will not only benefit them, but allow their clients the opportunity to increase their target audiences and increase customer acquisition. It is expected that these changes will see the firm increase their turnover in the last 2 quarters of 2014 by nearly 20%.

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It’s an ideal time for the company to set their sights on a greater reach over the Norfolk area. After the Government launched a £3million growth fund in the county, the rise in small businesses and entrepreneurs is set to create a vibrant business community in the area. The sum is part of the Government’s regional growth fund administered by new Anglia local enterprise partnership, and was set up to back SME’s and entrepreneurs who, due to financial barriers, may not be achieving the growth they have the potential to reach. Finances are the biggest hurdle standing in the way of many great small business ventures and the introduction of the growth fund is the start of an exciting period of development for Norfolk businesses.

By tackling a lack of growth in Norfolk and the surrounding counties, the Government hope to inspire a generation of small business owners to develop their businesses and build a network of varied and sustainable communities. Through their plans to extend into Norfolk, Iconic Strategies Ltd are sure to develop some important networking opportunities and business relationships with many of these small businesses thanks to the fund supporting their growth in the area.

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