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In a recent survey, conducted by DiscoverOrg, of 1000 IT executives at a variety of firms (from Fortune-ranked companies to SMEs) it was found that marketers should be careful not to ignore traditional marketing strategies. The results showed that IT executives value the effectiveness of outbound marketing with 60% saying that outbound marketing methods have led to an IT vendor’s being evaluated and 75% saying that after having received a cold call or email they had decided to attend an event or to take an appointment. 

Outbound marketing is the traditional form of marketing where a company initiates the conversation and sends its message out to an audience. Forms of outbound marketing include TV commercials, print advertisements, cold calls and email blasts. In recent times, companies have been moving away from more traditional forms of marketing at a time when inbound strategies such as social media and search engine optimisation have gained steam for their cost effectiveness. However, after reviewing the results of this recent survey, Iconic Strategies stresses that traditional forms of marketing still hold value and importance for a company’s marketing strategy. 

About Iconic Strategies: 

Iconic Strategies is an ambitious outsourced sales and events marketing company based in Norwich. The firm specialise in a unique marketing approach to help a wide range of clients acquire quality, long-term customers for their business throughout the UK. Iconic Strategies partner with suppliers and clients who hold themselves accountable to setting a higher standard within their industry. Through the firm’s event based direct marketing campaigns, they will guarantee their clients a higher ROI than traditional (outbound) marketing techniques. 

At Iconic Strategies, the firm value the importance of traditional outbound forms of marketing. Iconic Strategies have observed consumers change the way that they research and shop for products and in response have developed campaigns that appeal to the modern day consumer. ‘Here at Iconic Strategies, we develop event marketing campaigns because they are a more effective marketing strategy for our clients. Communication is interactive and two-way between the consumer and the company, marketers provide value plus they seek to educate the customer about the product or service that is on offer,’ explained Simon Reynolds, Managing Director of Iconic Strategies. 

Iconic Strategies operate their sales and marketing campaigns through promotional events due to the benefits that face-to-face interaction with customers can bring. At promotions events, the business barrier can be broken down to help develop a working relationship with new and existing customers on behalf of clients. The stronger the relationship is with the customer, the more loyal the customer will be; face-to-face interaction that takes place at promotions events ensures this relationship between client and customer is strong from the onset. This face-to-face interaction is absent from traditional forms of marketing.

Presentations made at marketing events allow Iconic Strategies to showcase their client’s success and demonstrate the products and services available. A presentation will educate the customer better about the product or service, resulting in a higher rate of customer satisfaction. Iconic Strategies, the firm understand and value the importance of customer satisfaction; a high customer satisfaction rate will result in more sales, more money and a positive brand exposure for their client.  


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