Get ready to rumble on January 9th at London's celebrity and influencer packed gym WIT-Training! Join a host of celebs, including IMPACT’s very own James Haskell and Ben Franks as IMPACT celebrates it’s official launch, after a hugely successful soft launch.


IMPACT Sports CBD is a sports CBD supplement brand powered by CiiTECH (a UK registered cannabis biotech company) in partnership with CiiTECH CEO Clifton Flack, James Haskell and Ben Franks.

James Haskell, British rugby legend turned MMA pro-athlete (Bellator) who recently took part on the cult TV reality show “I’m A Celebrity Get me Out of Here”.

Ben Franks, World class rugby legend with two Rugby World Cup titles to his name and almost 50 caps for the All Blacks, currently playing for Northampton Saints.

Clifton Flack, CEO and founder of CiiTECH Ltd, a cannabis biotech company rooted in cannabis research and known for their premium quality consumer CBD brands.

IMPACT Sports has already seen a quick rise in the UK's athletic scene  since soft launching in September 2019. The aim of CiiTECH and IMPACT is to break down barriers and misinformation about CBD through direct, clear and communicative information. Educating fans by building strategic partnerships and sponsorships with like-minded teams, brands and individuals.

Ben and James have been using CiiTECH powered CBD for a number of years and it is through this personal experience that the brand was born. With WADA ruling to remove CBD from the prohibited list now is the time of CBD and sports to take center stage and for IMPACT to fulfil it’s community promise. In 2020 IMPACT will roll out a series of sponsorship announcements that not only support the world of sports but fulfil the ideology of educating fans and supporting valuable charities and awareness schemes in the UK.

Tickets to the event were snatched up within 15 minutes of going live! The event will include a HIIT training session with the IMPACT team, special guests, CBD Q&A’s, photo ops and will be filled with much more fun and excitement throughout the evening including the first of some very special partnerships announcements.

IMPACT Sports is proud to partner up with WIT fitness for this launch event and look forward to collaborating on future events and partnerships. WIT will be the first gym of many to stock IMPACT CBD products on-site.

The evening will also include a special welcome to Fresh Ego FC, the latest team in the hugely popular YouTube football league. Headed by English professional footballer Marvin Morgan the squad from Fresh Ego FC will take part in their first game on Sunday 12th January 2020. Marvin is founder of fashion brand Fresh Ego Kids and expects the same big future for Fresh Ego FC. Made up of celebrities, ex-pro’s and social media influencers, the YouTube football league has stormed it’s way into sporting lovers' hearts. Teams like Hashtag United, SE Dons and Rising Ballers have fan bases greater than some semi-pro football teams. Fresh Ego FC is ready to set social media ablaze with their impeccable team credentials.


The event is taking place on: 

January 9th at 6pm at WIT-Fitness 

1 New Change, London EC4M 9AF, United Kingdom.

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