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MarketStorm Global Ltd opened for business earlier this year and took the heavily saturated Leeds market head on. Since employing a rejuvenated customer service strategy the firm have managed to improve customer retention to 9 out of 10 over the 3 months August to October up by 19% on the previous 3 months. 

Customer retention is crucial for a business to succeed, as it is an activity that a selling organisation undertakes to reduce customer deflections. Effective customer retention begins with the first contact MarketStorm Global Ltd has with a customer, and continues throughout the entire lifetime of the relationship. 

‘For us customer retention is about exceeding the customers’ expectations so that they become loyal advocates of the brand we are promoting. We are very happy with the results over the last 3 months, now the next step is to really get the word out to potential new customers and clients throughout Yorkshire that we are here to stay and have some very focused strategies to further improve our outsourced service as we move into the first quarter of 2013’ says Gavin Walsh, Managing Director of MarketStorm Global Ltd.

MarketStorm Global Ltd’s success in the last few months has really put them on the map. The ambitious young company endeavour to create engaging and compelling face-to-face marketing campaigns to generate a higher ROI than any other outsourced service in the Yorkshire market.

Acquiring high numbers of customers while maintaining; or in this case improving customer retention is a very sought after service. ‘Leeds is a competitive market but that's what we love about it, we are challenged each day and that is what drives us to succeed. We are looking forward to further growth and development into the new year’ adds Gavin Walsh, MD at MarketStorm Global.

MarketStorm Global Ltd’s goal is to become the fastest growing outsourced sales and marketing organisation in the UK before further branching out into Europe, USA, Brazil, Australia and Dubai.

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