Poetry is an art that few people are good at. It is considered harder than writing stories or other pieces of creative writing, as stereotypically poems are meant to rhyme. However, some poems do not have a rhyming pattern to follow.

Poetry can be about any sort of topic, from the weather to a war poem. One can also choose whether or not their poem is comical, or a serious and emotive poem. Famous poets include, Shakespeare, Carol Ann Duffy, Keats and Thomas Hardy. Perhaps they have done some poetry in their life at school or at college, however if they are interested in taking poetry to the next level and to work on their skills on becoming a good and successful poet, then why not take part in an online writing course.

Writing courses are perfect for people who want to improve and gain confidence in their writing, and you have a choice of a number of different course to choose from, depending on what you would like to expand your knowledge in. For example, poetry courses are available, as well as creative writing courses, business courses and fiction writing courses. For more information on online writing courses, use a search engine on the internet.

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