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On the 12th of June the world looked on as the President of the USA, and the leader of North Korea concluded 5 hours of face to face negotiations. While the full result of this meeting remains ambiguous, the unprecedented summit has made history by paving the way for a healthier relationship between the two nations.

Credico UK has responded to the historic meeting by voicing its support for in-person negotiations. ‘In a constantly shifting digital world, the power of basic, face to face discussions can sometimes get lost. AI, VR and now AR are changing how we interact with others and the world around us, and it can be easy for businesses to get carried away with new technologies,’ outlined a spokesperson for Credico UK.

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Multiple studies have pointed towards the power of in-person negotiations, especially when rallying people to take action. Research conducted at Western University, Ontario, states that a request when made in-person is 34 times more successful than a request sent via an email. The researchers concluded that people tend to overestimate their powers of persuasion in written communication, thus meaning the strength of a message and the call to action is far weaker than if it was delivered face to face.

Credico UK is therefore encouraging brands to take control of the potential impact in-person communication could have on the bottom line. ‘Messages can lack impact when delivered in written form and can even be misconstrued if not put together carefully which has the potential to cause friction between a brand and its audience,’ states Credico UK. ‘As recent events have shown, progress is more likely to be made in person, when both parties are given an equal platform to speak. This is why we remain adamant that face to face marketing has a far greater power to articulate a message than online methods or direct mail.’

Credico UK hopes to educate brand on how face to face marketing can get under the skin of what consumers want and what matters most to them. These crucial insights are the building blocks for delivering a truly unique brand experience, which demonstrates a brand’s commitment to putting the customer first and fulfilling their individual needs.


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