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Following a radiation protection study - undertaken by Niall Higbee, chartered Radiation Protection Adviser - to compare the suitability of machine cast lead sheet to rolled lead sheet for use in radiation shielding, Midland Lead Manufacturers can confirm that this recent study once again proves that machine cast lead is equally suitable for use in X-ray installations.

Following accusations from a competitor lead producer, claiming that when using machine cast lead in X-ray rooms the risk of the room ‘leaking’ is great, Midland Lead Manufacturers have commissioned a study to compare whether its machine cast lead (manufactured through a direct casting process) is equally suitable for X-ray shielding as the rolled lead of its competitors (produced through a lead milling process).

Niall Higbee, chartered Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) and Managing Director of RPA Plus carried out the study. He concluded: "Apart from cost advantages, machine cast lead has no discernible differences from rolled lead and affords reliable precise attenuation of X-rays as predicted by the British Standard BS 4094 part 1, 1966 and BS 4094 part 2, 1971 and other standards."

Other key findings from the report are:

  • Precision measurements on machine cast lead shows that the stopping power of the lead does not vary over the shielding by a significant factor.
  • X-radiographs do not show any significant defects such as air pockets.
  • Studies comparing rolled lead and machine cast lead found that for a given thickness of lead, there was no difference in shielding quality.

Boudewijn Tuinenburg, Managing Director of Midland Lead adds:

"Obviously we take great offence in the accusations made by our UK competitor. Apart from taking legal action, we have commissioned this independent study. And we are pleased to share the results with specifiers, architects and quantity surveyors dealing with X-ray building projects, to prove that our machine cast lead is perfectly suitable for radiation shielding."

In addition, to the research findings proving that machine cast lead is equally suitable for use in radiation shielding as rolled lead, it’s worthwhile mentioning that both in the US and Australia the standard for lead does not differentiate between the manufacturing processes at all. Both lead sheet standards state that the lead sheet can be manufactured by milling or continuous casting. 

For a summary of the findings, go to: http://www.midlandlead.co.uk/downloads/index.html?download_category_id=13

About Midland Lead Manufacturers Ltd

Midland Lead Manufacturers are a producer of lead sheet based in the East Midlands, UK. For nearly 30 years the company has been producing lead sheet via a direct casting process. Machine cast lead is produced by dipping a rotating water-cooled drum into a bath of molten lead.

The lead sheet is formed on the immersed section of the drum and peels off at the top. It is then wound onto spools, before being cut into lead rolls. The company has supplied over 500,000 tonnes of lead sheet to the building industry for weatherproofing purposes and to the medical industry for radiation shielding purposes.

Midland Lead Manufacturers have supplied lead sheet and lead lined boards for numerous radiation shielding projects at dentists, GP and veterinary surgeries and hospitals - involving small quantities of lead sheet to large projects requiring in excess of 100 metric tonnes.

Health & Safety guidelines dictate that all projects must be signed off by an independent Radiation Protection Adviser. There has never been any instance of Midland Lead’s product failing these tests and in most cases the company has received repeat orders or new business as a result of the job.

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