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Tadworth, Surrey, United Kingdom, 01 August 2018 – After successful launch of Scientific European®(SCIEU)® (a popular science magazine) and two peer-reviewed research journals European Journal of Sciences (EJS)® & European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS)®, UK Education Consultancy Services Ltd announced the release of the premiere issue of India Review® (a monthly magazine on India)  

India Review® [ISSN 2631-3227 (Online)|ISSN 2631-3219 (Print)] focusses on matters pertaining to India and is geared towards people who wish to be better informed and expand their views about India. It is the first magazine that aims to present a fresh outlander’s perspective bringing interesting and relevant ideas and aspects from diverse fields of history, politics, economy, trade, literature, philosophy and culture of India to the audience worldwide, to the people who are ever interested in knowing and experiencing India and its culture and be part of the same as a happening part of the world.  

Umesh Prasad, the founder editor said: ‘’The thought to have a magazine exclusively on India came to my mind around the time when Brexit referendum took place. Post Brexit, there may be a renewed emphasis on India and the relationship, especially the trade relation, between Britain and India and the European Union would probably see some changes. Consequently, there may be a need for a suitable platform in the form of magazine where interested people in the UK, EU and India including the diaspora may converge and refer to. And, ‘’India Review’’ was born, published initially in English, French and German.’’

The digital copy of India Review® is available free of cost to our readers across the world in line with our organisational policy applicable for research journals published by us. 

It is published on monthly basis in both online and print formats.

Please visit In order to download a free copy and for more information.

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