Subodh Gupta
IST Indian Standard Time is also perceived as Indian stretchable time by many. In most cases it may be true especially if you are dealing with an Indian government department or a public sector organization in India.
However, in the Indian private sectors the situation is certainly better than that in the government organizations. If you are dealing with Indians' who have a professional attitude towards work then things do happen on time.

In my own experience while doing business in India, I could see when people are desperate to get a contract or a job they are certainly on time, or may even be early. It is only when they are not professional or if they think their job is safe, they are late. Indian people have a strong perception that things do happen on time in the western countries and they do expect their western counterpart to be on time.

In general, punctuality is not an Indian quality but this Indian habit would certainly develop patience and tolerance inside you. If you want to continue your business activity in India without becoming insane, you need to develop the equanimity towards those events or situations which you may not like. This quality of equanimity will certainly take you on the path of Buddha towards enlightenment.

Point to remember: In general punctuality is not an Indian quality because people in India take this issue lightly unlike in the west.

You need to be ready to face the reality of people being late for their meetings or their work. In fact, if you are going for a meeting or a special function where an Indian VIPs is expected, then have patience as often Indian VIPs turn up late. 

Issued in the interest of businesses that are planning to do business in India by Subodh Gupta, author trainer and India business consultant.

Subodh Gupta is the author of the best selling book 'Understanding Indian Culture and Bridging the communication Gap', available at Amazon, Waterstones, Borders, etc. Visit us online at: Indian Business Culture.

The author Subodh Gupta has worked for about 12 years as an entrepreneur, an engineer, a guest professor to various MBA schools in India and about six years in the UK as a freelance trainer and consultant.
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