Indonesian Massage is a deep oil-based massage. The deep tissue massage technique which includes Javanese and Balinese massage is similar to Ayurvedic massage, dating back more than 4000 years. Pushing techniques predominate, working very deeply to ease muscle and joint pain. Indonesian massage relies upon deep pressure massage to break down tensely knotted tissue.

Balinese massage is one of the traditional Indonesian massage techniques. It is basically a fusion of mild stretch exercises, acupressure, skin rolling, kneading and stroking, reflexology and aromatherapy oils.

Javanese massage is effective in reducing cellulite, improving blood circulation and easing tensely knotted muscles. Therapist uses only palm and thumb stroke to apply essential oil that will help stimulates blood circulation and loosen muscles. The deep thumb pressure is accompanied with simultaneous stroking palm movements, squeezing and pushing against the skin and veins to improve blood circulation.

Indonesian massage could be regarded as one of the original oil based massages. The oil used is strongly therapeutic, and has a beneficial effect on the body’s circulation and lymphatic system by releasing its regenerative and self-healing powers. Flower oils are used along with coconut oil for massage. Essential oils are also used to boost this therapeutic massage. It will leave one feeling uplifted, refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energised.

An Indonesian massage technique works deeply on the muscles, fascia and tendon which helps loosens muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and gets blood and oxygen circulating properly.

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