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Powered by the UK’s leading online charity donation website. Bingo players can now support any of the 8000 registered charities, friends justgiving fundraising page or simply support the chosen charity of the month. The site has cleverly integrated justgivings API search software to aid the players choice of charity.75p of every £1.00 deposited is donated to charity. 25p goes towards server and 24 hour chat & support costs. As player registration increase’s it is hoped to get this figure down to 5p to 10p. The chat room’s will be a place for like minded people to chat, offer advice, support and have fun.

The site is the brain child of Wendy Hubbard aged 71. During the 80’s and 90’s Wendy was a fundraiser for The Arthritis and Rheumatism Council and was awarded the Gold Award for Service and Achievement by ARC in 1980. She stopped taking an active role in fundraising due to health issues in the late 90’s.

In 2010 her brother in law lost a 10 year battle with Prostate cancer and her husband recently underwent heart surgery. Wendy decided it was time to start fundraising again and thought it was time charities used technology and on line services more. One of her son’s works in the online gaming industry and together they came up with the idea for The final piece of the jigsaw was added by her daughter who had recently run the Race For Life and had used a justgiving fundraising page for donations. suggested they use their API search software within the site for players to choose a charity and the site was born.

Many bingo networks were approached to host the site but they all wanted in excess of £20,000 to build and set up the site. Eventually after many months a bingo website provider suggested an approach to they loved the idea and offered to supply the site free of charge in partnership with Aberrantsoftware. All of the people involved in the project are like minded individuals who support charities and causes. is a non profit company "Let’s Make A Difference"


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