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The firm has incorporated this motivational technique into their business development programme in hopes to improve performance throughout the company.

Inspire 212 have a tradition of celebrating high performance. This is often in the form of incentives like activity days, national and international travel and meals at some of the UK's most exclusive restaurants. Based in London, Inspire 212 often utilise their location as the perfect setting for their rewards, with drinks regularly hosted for the most successful contractors in rooftop bars, underground cocktail clubs and the city's most prestigious eateries. On top of this, Inspire 212 offer their top band of performers the opportunity to travel abroad. At the core of Inspire 212 is the idea that travel is important both as a reward and an opportunity for their contractors to grow professionally.

About Inspire 212:

Research conducted on performance within the work place has corroborated the necessity of this kind of reward structure within the business but has highlighted the importance of only awarding the highest achievers.

A German study of college students found that while recognition and reward motivate higher-level performers, it is the ones who weren’t praised who show greater improvement in the future.

The study concluded that those who did not receive a reward incentive looked up to those who had been rewarded. Then, moving forward those who were not constantly rewarded showed higher overall performance throughout the year. In other words, those who are often praised are likely to stay complacent, while those who perceive themselves as having underachieved are fuelled to work harder. The lead researcher Nick Zubanov expressed that he felt that these studies apply to academia as well as business. This research has reassured Inspire 212 that their tradition of rewarding the higher end of performers is essential for inspiring their recruits and in turn driving business growth.

Inspire 212's Managing Director, Jenna Hadden recently commented on this topic, stating that:

"I am positive that our reward structure will continue to inspire our workforce. We hope that recruits will look up to their high achieving co-workers in hopes to emulate their performance".

Moving into Q4, Inspire 212 promise to continue their tradition of rewarding their highest achievers with hopes that new contractors will look up to their peers and in turn improve their performance.


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