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Inspire 212 are making a tremendous impact on the London event marketing scene bringing with them a mission to provide rapid growth opportunities for their clients and their workforce. As a marketing firm that adds the human touch, Inspire 212 will provide their customers with the highest standard of customer service and brand awareness from their team of friendly, highly trained, and professional sales representatives.

About Inspire 212:

Jenna Hadden, originally from South Africa, built her sales and marketing firm from the ground up, after developing from an entry-level brand representative. The CEO utilised her years of experiencing in the industry and wide-ranging foundation of knowledge to establish her firm, Inspire 212. She is now considered a leading authority in the industry and was pleased to read that 59 percent of entrepreneurs under the age of 35 are now female in the UK. The CEO is pleased to know that women are spearheading the future of business in the UK and will be supporting up and coming entrepreneurs in the industry through mentoring and guidance. Jenna believes the sales and marketing industry is fantastic for nurturing young talent, and is an inclusive world where everyone as long as they are focused can determine their success and access mentorship, support, and learn vital business skills. The CEO's experience has proven the return from the investment is high within the industry as brands look to boost engagement levels and an outsourcing solution is a low-risk option that suits all business models.

Looking into research conducted by HSBC Private Bank, which surveyed more than 2,800 active business owner's worth between $250,000 and $20 million, almost half (47 percent) of global entrepreneurs under 35 are female, with this figure rising to 59 percent in the UK. Jenna is excited for what the business future in the UK holds as the influx of fresh businesses will create more jobs and opportunities, and create a more diverse future for the country. Inspire 212 currently have opportunities within their business development department and are taking applications through their online inquiry form on their web page.


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