Data protection and information rights law expert Nigel Gooding LLM and his Exeter based team, who founded the Data Privacy Advisory Service (DPAS), have today launched a new company to fill a void in the expertise required to transfer personal data lawfully around the world.

IDTAS will provide the management of the contractual relationships between those handling personal data overseas to ensure compliance with both the UK/EU GDPRs and local legislation and security standards are being maintained.

IDTAS will also provide added value in managing those who handle personal data on behalf of data controllers to ensure contractual obligations are met and data is being processed safely.

Chief operating officer Nigel Gooding LLM speaking today said: "The law has changed on transferring personal data around the world. Controllers who process personal data with others in say India have until the end of the year (2022) to put new arrangements in place, or if in the UK, 2024. IDTAS provides capacity to support these complex data transfers and capability in what is a complex area of law to negotiate. We provide the knowledge, expertise and support, because it is all we do."

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