London, England – 20 November 2012 – Recently, Google reported that government requests for information about Internet users has increased since they first released their Transparency Report on their company blog. Over 20,000 requests for information were made in the first half of 2012 for details regarding approximately 34,000 accounts.

With the release of these statistics, questions have arisen concerning the privacy and rights of Internet users. Many people assume that the Internet is an open and free platform, but it is obvious that this is not the case. Along with requests for data about individual users, many countries also requested that Google remove content. Depending on the circumstances, Google complied; however, there were situations where requests for content removal were disregarded.

Privacy protection company, IVPN is dedicated to protecting the information and security of its clients. In addition to providing protection against identity thieves and hackers, IVPN also provides state-of-the-art protection from being recorded, monitored or tracked by untrusted sources. "Online anonymity and privacy are highly valued by IVPN, and we are constantly increasing efforts to protect those rights,” states a spokesperson for the Internet security Company.

During the last year, Twitter, LinkedIn and Dropbox have also started to publish their statistics regarding information requests. Google senior analyst, Dorothy Chou, made the following statement in support of those efforts, "Our hope is that over time, more data will bolster public debate about how we can best keep the Internet free and open."


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