Businesses, schools and universities will be encouraged to think in-depth about the challenges faced by those who struggle to be heard in a world built for extroverts.

One in three of Britain's population are believed to be introvert but the ‘shy’ personality of an introvert means "added layers of exclusion" for black people both in the workplace and the classroom, according to the man championing the movement: Richard Etienne.

He wants companies, schools and universities to think again about how they can recognise and nurture the talents of those whose personalities are misunderstood and whose skills are all too often overlooked.

Richard, who runs workshops to encourage Britain's introverts to be heard, was inspired by the Black Introvert Week launched in America by friend and campaigner Jeri Bingham, and wanted to bring something similar to the UK.

Etienne said: "As leaders, we need to understand the huge part personality plays in our workspaces and places.

"Too often we favour employees who possess extrovert qualities resulting in introverts being undervalued and overlooked for promotions, projects and their place at the table.

"This lack of diversity can negatively impact the bottom line of an organisation, stifling employee retention and a rise in tokenistic inclusion.

“When you are a Black introvert, it comes with added layers of exclusion, misunderstanding and stereotypical bias. The best talent is not always heard. The best words are often left unspoken. Everyone needs to feel they can thrive in an inclusive, supportive workplace.

"This campaign puts black introverts right at the heart of this ideal. In our noisy world, Black introverts need to be empowered more than ever."

Bingham said: "Black History Month is a time to acknowledge achievements and contributions, so it is only fitting to create a week that spotlights a segment of the Black population that is often misread and mistaken for something else.

"Recognising that this 'mistaken identity' was a phenomenon after hearing identical stories from Black introverts, it became the impetus behind Black Introvert Week in the US, and now the UK."

Running in the last week in October every year, the campaign will focus on educating organisations to think in greater depth about the personality diversity and intersectionality of black employees through panel discussions and workshops.

This year’s campaign runs between 25-31 October.

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