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With years of experience representing clients in variety of industries ranging from cosmetics to Insulation, Harvey Wayne Communications use different channels to execute their clients’ sales and marketing requirements. By using business-to-business, business-to-consumer, residential campaigns or event promotions Harvey Wayne Communications’ USP has focused on people.

The company’s recent investment into customer care has given the firm the push needed to increase their visibility in the outsourcing industry to become a leading sales agency in the London and Manchester markets. ‘The rapport we build with both our clients and customers is of a very high importance for us. As a firm that predominately uses direct forms of marketing – people and the relationships we build with them is at the core of what we do’ claims a spokesperson for Harvey Wayne Communications.

An article by Liz Koh on BusinessBlogshub.com reports ‘There is a direct correlation between your wealth and the nature and extent of your relationships with others.... One of the most interesting aspects of wealth creation is that it is virtually impossible to do on your own. Put a person on a desert island and he or she will not create any additional wealth than is already present on the island.’

Harvey Wayne Communication credit their improved customer retention and booming sales numbers to the relationships they have built. Some key points outlined by the Managing Director is keeping communication regular, relevant and timely as well as giving loyal customers preferential treatment as the best ways to improve a business customer care.

People value authenticity. Harvey Wayne Communications recommend businesses that are serious about a long-term relationship with customers should invest in customer care and show our valued each and every customer is.  The firm plan to roll out further updates to their customer care strategy in early 2013.


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