Inviting full time/freelance journalists who are associated with premium media outlets and have expertise in finance, fintech, economy, startups and so on and also have an interest in Japan's Market.

This media trip is fully sponsored (air ticket and accommodation) for 4 days and in return one article at-least is to be published in associated media.

Introduction/background of this official Invitation

In light of Japanese Corporate Increased Investments in Global Market, there is also huge interest from individual investors on Global Investments, Japan`s postal savings is one of the world's largest postal savings system and often said to be the largest holder of personal savings in the world comprises of individual investors. Japan's Government is promoting both domestic and international investment opportunities to help enable funnel the cycle.

In addition, Japan <=> Global investments (Corporate <=> Individual) Japan is also promoting to invite and facilitate Global Investors to Japan's market. Many incubation centers have been recently opened just to facilitate global start-ups in Japan, and several non-japanese start ups have gained funding from Japanese organizations. Recently Japan`s fintech start-ups have gained much global traction and funding as well.

Schedule: November 24th to 26th 2019

Will include close session with Tokyo Government and Fincity Chairman and industry recognized Finance/investment experts.

Pre-requisities, eligibility:

1. Applying journalists/writers should be able to carry out/publish one or more article/s in the associated media outlet (preferably Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, CNN, CNBC print and or web) - posting about the media trip.

2. Applying journalists should be able to furnish business cards as and when necessary during the Media Trip.

3. Only one or two journalists will be selected per media outlet.


  • During the entire trip and sessions, translation will be made available apart from one guide and advisor.
  • Post media trip and interview sessions; article publication is to be in English.
  • During individual interviews, if photo and or video is captured then prior shooting confirmation is required. Prior to publication selection and confirmation of photos and video is required.
  • Air ticket and accommodation is fully sponsored.

Should this invitation be calling for further discussion and or clarification for decision making then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact details: Media Trip Co-ordinating Organization

Encess Ltd.,

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Chouku, Tokyo. Japan

Phone: +81 [03]-6869-5534

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