It seems to be the latest trends in hardware – release a new device, and then release an upgraded model with retina display. The iPad 4 is a prime example of developers only letting a hair’s width of time lapse between the release of a much-anticipated device and it’s follow-up.

According to CNET, the rumours have already started concerning a retina display iPad Mini. Their digging revealed information from Apple’s Chinese supply chain about the possibility of a retina display iPad Mini in the not to distant future. Chinese iPad Mini maker, AOU, is said to be working on a 2048x1536 resolution display for the iPad Mini, which would match the retina display on the iPad 4.

UK gadget company, Money4Machines, said this is the kind of rumour Apple fans may have to take with a pinch of salt.

“Packing the same number of pixels into a 9.7inch screen as into the full size iPad will mean a pixel density of more than 300ppi. The iPad 4 has 264 ppi. Apple may have brought out the iPad 3 and 4 in fairly quick succession, but it’s doubtful that will happen with the iPad Mini.

Apple designed the iPad Mini to cannibalise the iPad 2 market, so we don’t think anyone should rush out to sell iPad Mini 1st generations ready for an upgrade just yet.

So, before heading off to scour the "sell my iPad Mini" listings online, it’s worth remembering that Apple have so far – predictably – declined any comment on the subject of an iPad Mini with retina display. Then again, CNET reported that the grainy display of the iPad Mini is considered one of the devices greatest failings.

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