is a full service children’s savings website intended to take the confusion and stress out of family financial planning. The new website features up-to-date, easy to understand content about what the Junior ISA is, how it works, and how to make it work for you. Family finance novices will find the basics laid out in a clear and concise way, while in-depth topics are also covered to help parents make an informed decision about how to invest for their children.

Tired of scrolling through pages and pages of financial advice that is not tailor-made for your situation?, like all websites on the iProsper Media network, features an ‘Ask The Experts’ section that allows parents to get free, expert advice. 

Should I choose a cash or stocks and shares Junior ISA for my child? As a grandparent, how can I best set up a university fund for my grandchildren? The answer to these questions can vary from person to person – but with TopJuniorISA's experts answering your questions based on your individual circumstances, you’ll always know the advice is bespoke and up-to-date.

"Our independent financial advisers have yet to be stumped by a question, and strive to answer any question within 24 hours," said Arabela Velasco of Parents can also browse the regularly updated Frequently Asked Questions section of the website to find out what information is important to other UK mums and dads.

The one-stop children’s savings website is also packed with the latest news about children’s savings, parenting news and household budget tips. Our goal is to ensure that our users can seek advice, stay informed, and compare a wide array of the top Junior ISAs on the market in one convenient place.

Arabela said: "Our new website features the information and resources you need to make the most of your hard-earned savings. Too often, families put off saving and investing because it seems too difficult or unaffordable. We aim to make personal finance easy to understand and let all parents know that investing in our children’s future is not only crucial, but easy to do with a little help from the team of savings experts and independent financial advisers at"

Notes for editors is a free independent online resource for parents and grandparents, making information on children's savings accessible and understandable. The site offers performance comparison tables and unbiased parent reviews in order to help you make an informed decision about how best to invest in your child's future. 

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