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As a company, Rezolutions Direct believes that people perform to the best of their abilities when they enjoy what they do and for that reason they invest a lot of time and energy into providing a very fun work environment that encourages and assists people to be the best they can be. The Leeds-based direct sales and marketing specialists promote a company culture of fun and hard work and they believe productivity is high because of this. A strong company culture is vital for performance and employee morale. Rezolutions Direct investigates whether having fun at work is the answer to good marketing. 

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Having fun releases dopamine into the brain which makes people feel happy. When someone is happy their brains perform 31 per cent better than when they are negative, neutral or stressed. As a result someone is far more productive, resilient and persuasive when they feel happy. When someone is having fun they're happy, and in turn perform better at their jobs.

 The proof that fun impacts actions was never more obvious than in Volkswagen’s legendary ‘fun theory’ experiments which proved that people are much more likely to do something if it's fun. One experiment encouraged 66% more people to choose to climb stairs rather than using the escalator simply by turning it into a giant piano. The experiments reduced littering by making a rubbish bin sound like a 50ft-deep well and turned a speed camera into a lottery machine.

 At Rezolutions Direct having fun is always at the top of the agenda. They firmly believe that if people are having fun then their work is improved as a direct result. To ensure the people they work with are happy, Rezolutions Direct promote a culture of recognition and reward. This system means everyone knows they are appreciated for the work they do.

 “One of the things I love most about this industry is how fun it is and how our working environment is so different to the traditional idea of the corporate world,” said Managing Director at Rezolutions Direct, Naomi McIntyre. 

Rezolutions Direct are direct marketing specialists based in Leeds. They provide direct marketing campaigns that can be used to make personal connections with consumers which increase brand loyalty, customer acquisition and brand awareness. Rezolutions Direct prepare their sales force with product knowledge and training so that they can accurately represent their clients brand and answer any questions. consumers may have.

Rezolutions Direct are direct marketing specialists based in Leeds. The firm specialise in fun and personalised marketing campaigns that are tailored specifically to each client to ensure them a high ROI and increased customer acquistion. 

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