Did you go to University or college? And did you leave hopelessly overdrawn? What state are your personal finances in as an adult? Too many of us leave school without the faintest clue about how to take care of our personal finances. If your parents taught you the rudiments of looking after your cash you're in the minority. We're tossed into a sea of financial mystery and many of us never manage to swim to shore. 

Yes, it can be tough making ends meet as a student. But there's no real need to go horribly overdrawn once you know what's what and have the confidence to handle your personal cash flow wisely. Daisy Bell, discount code expert, comments, “It seems silly that we leave school with a basic knowledge of all sorts of subjects that, while fascinating, don't necessarily help us make a practical success of our lives. But most of us have no idea how to balance our bank accounts and have to learn via trial and error!”

The same goes for emotional literacy, another fundamental life skill we're never taught. The majority of us leave full time education with our heads stuffed with a fantastic stash of exciting knowledge and information, but no idea about how to create and maintain healthy, loving relationships. 

Then there's ecological stuff. Kids aren't taught how to look after their environment either. Instead they're left to the mercy of parental ignorance, with only the media to turn to for ideas, facts and solutions.

That's three extremely important areas of adult life that are currently ignored by our education system. All of which have an enormous impact on our lives and future happiness. “We believe children should leave school with a firm foundation grasp on how to run their finances and emotional lives with a reasonable level of aplomb” adds Bell. “They'd benefit from learning basic emotional skills. And these days a deeper knowledge of the human race's impact on the planet is critical.” 

The future is looking very uncertain. Global warming continues, on the whole unchecked. The world economy is in serious difficulties. Rampant consumerism doesn't look like a sensible model to follow any more. Perhaps children need a 'school for life' just as much as a traditional education.

Thankfully there's a growing movement campaigning for personal finance to be taught in British schools. And the beginnings of a campaign for emotional literacy to be included in the educational curriculum. Which, Bell believes, is very good news for the future. “We can't just carry on like everything's the same. It isn't. We need to equip our children properly to cope with the challenges that lie ahead.” is one of the UK's fastest growing discount and voucher code websites helping you save even more money from hundreds of the nations favourite brands such as Amazon, Argos, T J Hughes and many, many more...


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