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“The world changes and we change with it. And it is from this perspective that we want to start striving to understand it.” It is with this ambition - explains CEO, Andrea Pontini - that is launching the bilingual version of Gli Occhi della Guerra, the website which has provided insight into the news taking place around the world and has been producing international reports and analyses since 2014.

The Italian newspaper’s launch of Gli Occhi della Guerra five years ago represented the first crowdfunding platform setup for international reporting. By actively getting readers involved, Gli Occhi della Guerra has produced hundreds of reports throughout the world, going on to win numerous international awards for the quality of the stories told. This has included the 2016 INMA Global Award in London for for the idea and method of involving readers, and the prestigious Biagio Agnes International Information Award for the “new frontiers of journalism”.

Today, is going one step further with an even more courageous venture: Gli Occhi della Guerra will now become, a new website which now will publish and produce original content in both Italian and English.

InsideOver will engage with hundreds of journalists and reporters from all over the world. Hence will not simply be a source of translated content by Italian reporters and journalists, but will now include specialised content, featuring the work of collaborators from around the world.

"We are looking for journalists and reporters from all over the world - explains Mr Pontini -: they can propose a work they have already realized but which is as yet unpublished or suggest an idea for a report they would like to carry out or a topic they would like to research. To be part of our team, they have to fill in this form".

This is the new initiative's trailer:

All of the images in the video are from previous reports and the individuals seen are reporters who already contribute to InsideOver.

It is the love of journalism and above all of high-quality journalism which is incentivizing to attempt such a feat. The Italian newspaper is ready to reach out at an international level involving numerous journalists from all over the world.

Alongside the website, InsideOver will also be releasing a print publication. On the 13th of May, newsagents throughout Italy have distributed a magazine that includes the work of thirteen internationally renowned authors, high profile journalists, academics and writers, helping us understand what direction the world is heading.

Among these Abraham Yehoshua, the Israeli author winner of numerous awards, who explains why the Jewish State should rediscover its Mediterranean identity. Robert Baer, former CIA agent and CNN contributor, tells us why the US is losing the game in the Middle East. Amos Harel, one of the most eminent experts on military and defence affairs in Israel, analyses the Jewish State’s upcoming challenges; Matthew Goodwin, professor of Politics at Rutherford College, analyses the rise of populism. Ashoka Mody, former Deputy Director of the IMF’s European Department, tells us about the Eurozone crisis. Patrick Deneen traces the evolution of liberalism and how it has failed. Pepe Escobar describes the opportunities presented by China’s New Silk Road. Stephen Smith, former contributor to Le Monde and Le Figaro, analyses Africa’s future and how migration could not only change the Continent but Europe as well. Former Dmitri Trenin, Director of the Moscow center of the Carniege Endowment for International Peace, on the other hand brings us one of the most disputed topics of the last few years: relations between US and Russia following Donald Trump’s election. Professor You Ji analyses increasing tensions between Washington and Beijing with a particular focus on the South China Sea; while Rahimullah Yusufzai, who interviewed Osama bin Laden and the Mullah Omar on several occasions, looks at the future of Afghanistan, divided between the Taliban and Isis.

The magazine is enhanced by photographic contributions, which will include the work of great Italian photographers among which are three winners of the prestigious World Press Photo award.

InsideOver is ready to be released, so if you are a reporter or a journalist, we are waiting for you.

Crowdfunding, passion for reporting and loyalty towards the readers, are the key values of InsideOver.

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