Simple to transport and installed in minutes, the JCB Alert Tower provides a mobile, wireless, video-verified alarm with beam detectors which can be used as a stand-alone system, or seamlessly integrated with other VPS Site Security products, providing a comprehensive solution to protect vacant property, construction or remote sites. With a range of up to 14m in daylight and 12m at night-time, in addition the Alert Tower can be easily fitted with additional security, siren and safety systems to provide a bespoke customer solution.

Housed in a bright, robust, bespoke design, packed with state of the art technologies, this entry level tower introduces game-changing flexibility for areas, inside or out, where there is no surrounding infrastructure.

“The JCB Alert Tower has been designed in response to our customers request for an easy to maneouvre, easy to deploy solution that offers state of the art, temporary security which can be easily tailored to client needs at an affordable price,” explains David Taylor-Smith, CEO of VPS.

Deliberately housed in bright yellow casing to provide an on-site deterrent, the JCB Alert Tower contains the VPS Alert Cam, a state of the art, armoured, video verified PIR camera system. On trigger the VPS Alert Cam captures a 10 second full colour video clip which is automatically transferred to the VPS Monitoring Centre for verification. The camera is self-powered by a 2-year battery, is contained in a waterproof casing and utilises infrared illumination. The camera deploys GPRS RF wireless communications enabling installation almost anywhere. 

“The JCB Alert Tower is a truly versatile solution for securing remote or vacant sites that can be installed in minutes and fits in the back of a transit van. It seamlessly integrates with our other site security solutions including our award winning Smart Tower and recently launched Fire Alert.” David Taylor-Smith concludes.

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