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Equipped with her unique positioning of substantial connections to Chinese investors, Lin has made a strong entrance into the UK Property industry. She finalised two profitable property projects early on while also currently in discussion for a further two during Q1 of 2019.

Lin enters the UK property market with global investment and development connections, set to catapult the success of the Marvel Success brand, whilst continuing to integrate herself amongst global property enthusiasts.

Marvel Success:

Lin’s UK property journey is marked by her enrolment to the mastermind community of global property entrepreneurs and industry experts; and her Asian business knowledge and strong networks.

Lin’s Marvel Success is set to become a thriving property advisory business - placing her in a pivotal position within London's property investment and consultancy community with an injection of Chinese investment.

Lin’s experience stems from her decades of exposure to the communications industry – taking up positions like Head of Consumer Banking Communications and Corporate Affairs at the Standard Chartered Bank (China) Ltd.

During her tenure there, Lin’s insight and holistic approach help to successfully identify and proactively initialise the organisation’s most impactful corporate communication campaign via a Chinese social media platform operating in an environment full of restrictions and taboos, revolutionising the brand’s communication with consumers. The implementation of the campaign saw the organisation’s brand awareness catapult, resulting in subsequent product and service campaigns gaining unprecedented traction within the Chinese market.

Lin’s experience also includes a hugely successful period based at South China Morning Post Publishing Ltd, as Head of PR & Corporate Communications. Here, Lin was solely responsible for identifying the firm’s critical communication obstacles and improving stakeholder relationships. Lin cites this project as ‘a display of the importance of shared vision across the corporation and individual team members,’ continuing to explain that ‘the best crisis management comes from the corporate staff’s preparedness to be a team player.’

Jennifer Lin’s venture with her London-based company Marvel Success incorporates her rich corporate history, expertise in communication, unique industry relationship with the Chinese market and valued relationships with global elite investment and development professionals.

While completing Simon Zutshi’s exclusive 12-month property mastermind programme in London, Lin is keen to continue to utilise her unique relationship with the Greater Chinese business community to introduce investors into UK-based property projects. Lin’s insight and knowledge acquired from her impressive corporate background has already set her in good stead as a trusted brand, offering a unique service in the global property investment and development sector.

The future for Jennifer Lin will see her continue to build her brand, clientele base and further projects in the UK and beyond - fuelled by Chinese funding. Lin’s development of the Marvel Success brand will continue to grow further across the UK and mainland China through the infusion of Chinese investors seeking trusted UK-based property development opportunities with committed guidance by Lin.

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Marvel Success: Investing in UK Properties, Fuelled by Chinese Funding.

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