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In house training professional jml Training Consultancy has given its website a fresh new look and made it even easier for clients to arrange training and development programmes for their employees.

More importantly, jml Training Consultancy looked at the many business challenges organisations were facing. For example;

  • developing the capabilities of teams to manage in a volatile environment
  • developing the ability of managers to inspire, motivate and build the capacity of teams to deliver change
  • improving internal communications, relationships and collaboration between teams
  • developing more empowered work cultures, where leadership and team work was enabled at all levels,

In response they have designed a range of leadership programmes, courses and other services – a one-stop shop – designed to help organisations integrate the most appropriate elements of learning and development to address these challenges.

“We would like to work with clients, to create leadership development that is inspiring and challenging, that adds value and enables them to achieve their organisational ambitions”, said Grainne Suter of jml Training Consultancy.

“Whether private or public sector, organisations are seeking to develop the ability of managers to inspire and build the capacity of teams to deliver change and flourish in a volatile environment” said Grainne.

“They all recognise the importance of improving the internal relationships and dynamics in their organisation to achieve their organisational ambitions. This requires leadership that is high in emotional intelligence (EI) and leaders able to support the development of EI in their teams.”

We can work with them to develop a culture of possibility, a more empowered culture where leadership and team work is enabled at all levels, and people approach work in a more entrepreneurial problem solving manner. “This says Grainne, “is one of our strengths as a company.”

The newly designed website is simple to navigate and provides information on leadership development programmes, individual and team coaching, team building and team facilitation services. See how they can cater for your training requirements in 2014.

jml Training Consultancy has delivered first class leadership training and development services into the corporate and public sectors since 1997. It is a company dedicated to the development of confident and credible leaders who can motivate, enthuse, encourage and grow the potential in organisations.

It designs, develops and delivers bespoke training and development services; their goal is to create in-house training services that meet an organisation’s requirements, culture and budget.

To find out more visit  or phone 01494 488787 or email

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