Whether you are freelance, furloughed or on the front line, the way we work has changed beyond all recognition in 2020.

Government restrictions have, for many, seen the daily commute abolished and has seen around 950,000 people in the UK out of a job. This is in stark contrast to the beginning of March when UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, spoke of a ‘national jobs miracle’, years of progress have been wiped out by Covid-19.

As the government works towards a gradual lifting of the current lockdown, we can expect employers to be inundated with applications from new candidates. All of this is happening at a time when students and new graduates were, only until very recently, expecting to be applying for placements and jobs, attending interviews and receiving job offers.

Graduate job application assessment test practice specialist, CandidateTalent.com, has recently conducted a number of surveys of thousands of UK-based students, which show that:

  • 24 per cent of graduate job offers have been withdrawn completely and 42 per cent of job offers have been put on hold;
  • 66 per cent of graduates believe that job assessments and interviews have shifted online;
  • 34 per cent of candidates say that their job search is affecting their mental health.

CandidateTalent.com’s, J.J. Rathour said: "It’s actually heartbreaking to see students and graduates’ plans so thrown into disarray by Covid-19. An already competitive graduate job market is likely to get even more so, with 66 per cent of students expecting decreases in salary in most sectors - that is, if they are actually fortunate enough to receive a job offer."

As we wait to hear the details of the government’s lockdown exit strategy, student and graduate candidates will need to find every possible advantage to secure new employment, including practicing online assessment tests and video interviewing techniques.

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Candidate Talent offers unbeatable value for complete SHL-style ability tests, including full answers for all questions to help users understand why an answer was incorrect. We also provide full answers for each and every one of our questions.

SHL-style ability tests help to prepare candidates for formal psychometric assessment tests and, therefore, improve their chances of securing employment.

Candidate Talent is available to English-speaking students and graduates in the UK and overseas and specialises in deductive reasoning, numerical ability and verbal reasoning practice tests.

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