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Junk Hunters was founded by Harsha Ratnayake, a London-based university graduate with a passion for making London cleaner. After working in the waste management industry for more than a decade, Harsha opened London Junk to help residential and commercial customers to clear any overflowing waste that the councils could not take. In line with company’s goal of helping London improve its waste management and recycling problems, Junk Hunters recently published a new Infographic and article detailing some of London’s biggest recycling facts and stats after years of careful, dedicated research.

According to BBC News analysts, council recycling rates, serving 14 million households in England alone, have fallen drastically in the last 5 years. Studies show that households throw away around 22 million tons of waste into the bin. However, recycling rates have significantly reduced to around 44%, despite a target of 50% by the year 2020. Consequently, it has become imperative for businesses and individuals across the UK to do more in effectively managing waste. This is where Harsha Ratnayake and his team at Junk Hunters are looking to make a difference with the article titled “London’s Biggest Recycling Facts & Stats.”

The article offers a comprehensive, easy to understand presentation of some of the scariest waste management problems, with facts and figures to support the claims. The primary aim of publishing the article is to educate London residents and other such readers on the need to ensure effective waste management.

Waste collection will always be there for those unrecyclable and dirty jobs, but we as people, homeowners, and business owners need to be doing more to reduce London's waste,” said Harsha Ratnayake, Director and Founder of Junk Hunters.

Junk Hunters offers a wide range of rubbish removal services including office and house clearance, building waste disposal, same day rubbish removal, and building waste disposal. The company aims to recycle over 80% of their collections in line with their goal of keeping the UK as clean as possible.

More information about Junk Hunters and their solutions along with useful articles and infographics offered can be found on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

About Junk Hunters

Junk Hunters was founded in 2017 by Harsha Rathnayake, a London based university graduate with over a decade of experience in the waste management industry. Harsha opened London Junk, a waste removal company with the aim of helping residential and commercial customers to clear any overflowing waste that the councils could not take. After working separate morning and evening jobs to keep the business afloat, London Junk became one of the most rapidly expanding removal companies in London, and metamorphosed into Junk Hunters to serve the whole of the UK, operating nationwide through a network of franchisees.

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