Happy birthday to TikTok! Yes, it’s been one year since the social app took the web by force! And by force, we mean a cultural force! The new generation of Dubsmash and Snapchat goes by the name TikTok and it’s that very app that dared challenge the ranks of Facebook and Instagram in monthly installs of the App Store.

That’s right; only few months after its release, it became the most downloaded app with more than one billion, surpassing Facebook! Despite losing against the latter in the league of active users, TikTok did not hesitate to go far ahead of Twitter and the fading Snapchat. New apps like Aspers Casino App will have to work hard in matching this new wave but thanks to its long range of slots and casino games, it won’t be long to see this one among the top gaming apps of the year as well! For the time being, Aspers App is only available via the Playstore for Android devices.

Alright, we’re going to ask the big question now… what makes it so “desirable” to have? Is there some sort of magic going on in here?

It’s the magic of technology, guys! It’s the magic of memes! The popularity of TikTok is credited mostly to the massively widespread memes set to music. Wait… you don’t know about memes? Wikipedia explains it right! A meme is a catchphrase, activity or concept that often acts as a mimicry, intended for humorous purposes. It can be in the form of an image, GIF or video!

TikTok is pretty much the same thing. On the app, users may lip-sync with humorous quotes, act and interpret popular movie scenes in different ways or even come up with their own funny acts! However, there’s also another, the more talent-oriented purpose of TikTok.

Struggling actors, young singers or even comedians share videos of their performances in an attempt to make a name and gather followers. Followers are basically the life of TikTok users. Because that’s your audience. On this app, the web is the stage that Shakespeare spoke about! And people are making the best use of it!

As always, there should be a villain in every story! And in TikTok’s flourishing business, there are a few million! TikTok has largely been attributed to crimes, mostly cyber crimes against teenagers. Not to forget that the app is also the target of controversies concerning its usage and repercussions of its usage!

Hundreds of articles have been released with a “perv alert” on TikTok. The reason? Millions of accounts are likely to be adults posing themselves as teenagers, making kids likely to interact and share numbers! The South China Morning Post found that many teenager accounts also received creepy messages from adults asking young girls to be their girlfriend!

But this dark side of TikTok has never had a true impact on its usage. In one year, the app made so much progress in catching the likes of billions! Will TikTok end up as Vines that was once the talk of the town and now is remembered only by few, or manage to prove itself better than ever?

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