Sales of coconut water in the UK are currently £100m to £150m annually, but its popularity means this will quickly turn into a £250m market, with predictions suggesting the category will eventually be worth a billion dollars annually in the US.

“Currently, coconut water is mostly consumed by fitness and health enthusiasts. We have identified a great opportunity to introduce our product just as the market is about to go mainstream,” said Paresh Thakkar, managing director of Kokonata Coconut Water.

"A lot of coconut water on sale is either canned or contains considerable added sugar, Kokonata Coconut Water doesn't do that, it's a unique, natural high-quality, great-tasting product that will stand out from the rest."

Kokonata is made entirely from yellow coconuts grown in their native Sri Lanka. The yellow coconut has greater benefits than its green cousin – its low in sugar and high in potassium.

While many countries have tried to grow yellow coconuts in other parts of the world, they have met with little success. Kokonata Coconut Water is the only UK Company with access to Sri Lankan yellow coconuts. Their coconuts are taken from tree to bottle in under 24 hours.

Unlike many canned coconut waters, Kokonata Coconut Water is not diluted and has no added flavouring. Other coconut waters can also include artificial preservatives. Kokonata Coconut Water uses only an antioxidant (Vitamin C).

 To emphasise its natural benefits, Kokonata Coconut Water will be marketed in glass bottles as a colourful, tropical FMCG product, highlighting a perception of serenity and quality.

Kokonata will launch in 1,000 independent stores across the UK throughout October and November through wholesale distribution and Kokonata own dedicated sales team.

In addition to these sales outlets, an extensive sampling programme will take place at mainline railway stations and major health clubs to educate consumers about Kokonata's great taste and health benefits.

The UK rollouts out will then see bottles of Kokonata made available in branches of High street supermarkets from February 2015.

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