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Liverpool-based sales and marketing firm, L1 Advanced Ltd launches their successful direct marketing service in the form of events. The service is designed to deliver a host of benefits including higher brand awareness for a wider range of customers, and a high-quality solution across multiple locations throughout the UK and Europe. 

"We are always looking for new ways to improve they way we process applications and purchases. The feedback we have received from customers, suppliers and clients has been a key driver in the updates to our services," said Carl Swift, Managing Director of L1 Advanced Ltd.

L1 Advanced Ltd provides strategic business solutions for a range of clients. The services provided are tailored to fit the needs and marketing goals for each client. L1 Advanced Ltd develops and implements strategic business plans, so maximum benefits are generated.

The three main services provided by L1 Advanced Ltd are:

·       Campaign Development

·       Customer Acquisitions

·       Competitor Analysis

L1 Advanced Ltd offer clients advice and assistance to ensure each marketing campaign rolled out generates maximum results.  The firm’s clients recommend L1 Advanced Ltd's services for their detailed campaign progress reports, along with the hands-on approach to improving and developing marketing campaigns.  At L1 Advanced Ltd, the firm always test each campaign and implement the necessary changes to make sure an accurate message is being delivered to the right target audience.

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The customer acquisition process is incredibly important for evaluating how much value each customer brings to the client.  At L1 Advanced Ltd, the firm has extensive experience in securing sales and quality acquisitions, and their clients are confident with their ability to deliver results.

Competitor analysis is essential in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. L1 Advanced Ltd investigates and analyses the competition so the firm can focus on promoting the client’s products’ and services’ unique selling point, so the campaign is like no other on the market. 

L1 Advanced Ltd plan, develop and test marketing campaigns that are strategically designed to suit their clients unique and individual requirements for their specific target audience.  L1 Advanced Ltd is committed to giving clients exactly what they need; this is done by making the services highly flexible, personable and cost-effective. The firm align each marketing campaign with the client’s marketing goals to ensure results are guaranteed.  Due to flexibility of the direct marketing campaigns, L1 Advanced Ltd can work with any budget for any industry – producing the perfect marketing campaign for any product or service. 
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