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“Entrepreneurship and athleticism go hand in hand,” says James Masheter, managing director of the Sheffield-based firm, who believes there are many parallels between the two worlds. Speaking from experience, James thinks competition is a healthy addition to business and pushes people to try new things and freely roam outside of their comfort zone. The former amateur boxer turned business owner is driven by a competitive nature and believes a background in sports can significantly increase an individuals’ ability to thrive in the fast-paced sales and marketing industry.

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A variety of sports lovers make up the Label One community, including one professional trained in martial arts and Judo. Regardless of the nature of the sport, Label One is keen to highlight a simple sporting or competition focused background can enhance the success rate of contractors in a sales and marketing environment.

The business arena is often referred to as a game, and competition within the ranks of business can be equally as fierce as on a playing field. For this reason, much like players on a team, entrepreneurs must be driven by their passion for the company or brand of which they are working with. “Qualities such as teamwork, resilience and resourcefulness are instilled in those who have competed in a sporting capacity, and it just so happens that these are exactly the kind of qualities we look for in our recruits,” explains the managing director.

At Label One, contractors are encouraged to push themselves to the limit and aim high, taking both success and failure in their stride, qualities that are vital to progression in the highly competitive modern world of sales and marketing.

Outsourced sales and marketing agency Label One is always on the lookout for talented individuals. Alongside its community culture, candidates can look forward to ongoing support to help them progress at their ideal speed. Find out about their latest opportunities here:


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