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James Masheter, Managing Director of Label One recently opened up about his career journey, detailing how for many years he was unsure which path to take professionally. ‘When I was 18 I got a one-way ticket to Majorca and lived there for about two years working in cocktail bars. From there I came back and did a tonne of different jobs, I was a chef for a few years, a casino croupier, builder, painter and a plasterer’, revealed the Managing Director.

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After graduating from university, Mr Masheter resumed his work in hospitality but didn’t see his future in the industry. 'I came back and started running cocktail bars again, but I didn’t want to be doing that for the rest of my life. So, I decided to move to London and took an opportunity with a sales and marketing company’ continued the Managing Director.

With summer fast approaching, the countdown has begun for many college and university leavers to determine where their future lies, however, from his own experience Mr Masheter knows this is not always a clear-cut decision. As such, the managing director is advocating the sales and marketing industry as a platform for these individuals to learn critical transferable skills and gain faster professional progression.

‘Just because you don’t know where you want to go, doesn’t mean you won’t be successful’ continues Mr Masheter. ‘I have always been focused on creating something for myself and wanted to do something different to what my friends were doing, but I just didn’t have a vehicle to get me there. It wasn’t until I started working in this industry that I realised I was at point A, and the opportunities in front of me were a bridge to my point B’.

Working up from an entry level role in a leading London firm, Mr Masheter was offered daily workshops to hone his business and leadership skills, one on one mentoring and became part of a community of like-minded, enthusiastic people. Now the managing director would like to provide others with similar opportunities at Label One and has committed to creating an incubator for ambitious individuals.

‘Ultimately, I didn’t want something office based or on the phones, because I still like the people side of hospitality, it’s social, you’re working with your friends. I wanted to bring that to an environment that also champions progression and development. I’m running my own company, but I’m having fun while I’m doing it and I want others to know that by working with Label One, they can do this too’, concluded Mr Masheter.

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