The latest survey results from Optimus Learning Services’ second annual L&D survey have indicated that budget and resource constraints remain the biggest challenges affecting L&D professionals throughout the UK.

On a quest to get a taste of what’s really happening in the L&D industry, Optimus Learning Services surveyed 113 L&D professionals across companies in the UK. It’s hoped the findings will help to create a sense of calm amongst L&D professionals and a feeling that ‘I’m not alone, there are others like me.’

Blake Henegan, Managing Director, said “We conducted the survey to help L&D professionals share their situation in order for them to realise they’re doing enough of the right things, to create and execute plans and have the confidence to push back and demand more from management.”

The results have been broken down into L&D team size, making them very useful for people to benchmark and see the real situation, rather than the perception of what others are doing. This then creates more calm and better decisions can be taken, rather than being sold the next ‘big L&D thing’.

Blake added “Helping L&D professionals is what drives us. We know it’s challenging for L&D professionals right now with so much change happening combined with technology vendors proclaiming their solution as the sole answer to L&D.”


Lack of budget and resource continue to be the biggest challenges facing L&D professionals for the second year running. Other issues reported include learning engagement and reactive cultures. A lack of time meant that 85% of respondent stated they spend less than 40% of their working hours on important things like strategy.


However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom; the results highlight that L&D is still the biggest route for employees finding external training. Blake added “Contacting L&D is still a popular route for people to find external training. And it should be.”

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