If all the racking accessories were laid end to end around the world, two-thirds of them would float away.

Or so it would seem. If they want something, it probably exists. And if it doesn’t, there’ll be someone who’ll make it for them. At a price.

Ah yes, price. With a fully bespoke system, they can rack up costs as quickly as they rack out the van.

Even the price of modular ones can soon add up. So company owners need to keep their business head on when browsing through the available options.

The DIY route

One option, of course, is to do it themselves. But they should think long and hard about this route. On the face of it, it might seem cost-effective, but the reality is often different. Factor in the time it will take them – to acquire the materials, plan it out, build the racking, fit it into the van, paint it, tweak it and so on.

However skilled one is, it’s sure to take longer than expected. And time is money. Especially if a van’s off the road while they're fitting it out. DIY racking is unlikely to be as fit for purpose, or durable, as a modular off-the-shelf solution, too.

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