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Innovative political support group ‘Labour Future’ and truth-telling, Labour focused news organisation ‘Labour Buzz’ have come together to co-create a cheeky new party-political broadcast for the Conservatives (they can thank us later).

Brought to you by Trump/Johnson Inc. and set in the year 2024, the brief but hugely telling film paints a stark picture of life in the UK after a Conservative victory in the upcoming election on the 12th of December. Under Johnson’s majority government, large swathes of the NHS have been privatised, leaving the British public to either pay out of pocket for costly private insurance or shell out on pay-as-you-go packages to stay in good health (or, in some cases, alive).

The spoof video, created and written by BAFTA award winning writer, actor and director Jolyon Rubinstein in collaboration with Labour Future and Labour Buzz’s own Michael O’Sullivan, is a live feed from a frighteningly believable QVC-style home shopping channel where cheery presenters flog medical care packages to a desperate public after the demise of the NHS.

In a world where paying hugely inflated prices for shoddy medical treatment has become the norm, the film’s frighteningly cheerful presenters encourage viewers to spend their hard earned cash treating granny to a new hip after she slips on a patch of ice or to jump the queues at A&E with a £10k ‘fast track pass.’

While the video is tongue in cheek and a cheeky swipe at both Johnson’s bromance with Trump and the Conservative’s poorly hidden desire to break our beloved NHS into chunks for profit, the piece is an important warning that voting for the Conservative Party in the upcoming UK general election could be seriously bad for your health.

Jolyon Rubenstein said ‘The last 10 years of Conservative governments have seen unprecedented segmentation and privatisation of the most profitable sections of the NHS. This will increase exponentially in the wake of a hard Boris Johnson Brexit and a potential UK/US trade deal. We created this sketch to expose the damage a private health care system could do to our country and to our citizens.’

The video will be posted on the Labour Future Facebook and Twitter pages, the Labour Buzz YouTube channel and on Jolyon Rubenstein’s Twitter feed Please share generously with friends and family to protect our amazing NHS on the 12th December and beyond.

About Labour Future:

Labour Future is one of the Party’s largest supporter groups, priding itself on non-sectarian ideals. Labour supporters of any kind are welcome to join and help grow a diverse and exciting collective, fuelling the fight against the Tories in favour of a society that works for the many, not just the privileged few.

Labour Future helps the Party and leadership with digital campaigning, research, policy generation and data analysis. During the 2017 general election, Labour Future reached millions of voters with their intuitive digital campaigns.

Labour Buzz:

Labour Buzz is a brand-new organisation focusing exclusively on delivering accurate, truthful and positive news around the Labour Party. Too many media outlets publish biased and overly negative commentary around the Labour Party and its leadership which is damaging to our democracy and cannot be a coincidence, given that most press and media outlets are owned by Conservative Party supporters. Labour Buzz wants to become the antidote to this false news, protecting freedom of expression and championing truthful reporting.

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