The eagerly awaited debut album of Aar Maanta has been released to great acclaim. The UK based Somali artist, described by young British Somalis as “the voice of our generation”, is making waves on the Somali music scene. His new album Hiddo & Dhaqan, which means culture and tradition, blends UK urban influences with Aar’s Somali musical roots.

Growing up in London in the early nineties, Aar was exposed to musical styles such as pop, rock, hip hop, RnB and house. The combination of these influences with Somali musical heritage gives Aar his unique artistic identity, which is proudly displayed in Hiddo & Dhaqan.

The album addresses issues resonating within the Somali community, with tracks taking inspiration from the struggles of Somali people as well as the beauty of Somali culture. Traditional styles such as Dhaanto and Qaraami are featured and a unique recording of Uur Hooyo brings together two generations as Aar duets with Hodeide, master oud player and one of Somalia’s greatest composers.

Featuring popular tracks such as Asalamu Alaykum and Dhadhami, this is a fresh and exciting album that pushes forward Somali music, whilst remembering its origins.

Commenting on the release of his debut album, Aar said, “I am excited and proud to share Hiddo & Dhaqan with my fellow Somalis and the wider world. My mission with my new album is to remind my people what unites us, and to highlight the positive aspects of our customs!”

Hiddo & Dhaqan is on general release now and is available from Apple iTunes, Napster, Amazon, eMusic, Ruckus, Lala, GroupieTunes, Tradebit, PayPlay, Inprodicon, Verizon, GreatIndieMusic.

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