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The Lawyers Arts Club … in Victoria Square, Birmingham displaying its first artwork - Respect - a symbol in favour of preserving and honouring British Heritage and Sacred Sites.

A unique interactive arts exhibition which brings together law, art and technology is now underway in Birmingham.

Law on the Wall is a series of 20 interactive artworks that will spring up around the UK over the next five weeks to encourage anyone with a smartphone to engage with the law via the medium of technology.

Each artwork features a powerful word taken from a different act of UK legislation, ranging from the Criminal Damages Act to the Abortion Act. The artwork features a QR code which can be scanned to take the viewer through to a constantly evolving webpage.

The first piece in the series is Respect; now on display in Victoria Square, Birmingham, it symbolises the need to preserve and honour British Heritage and Sacred Sites.

Along with Respect, a further triptych of pieces titled Belief, Sex and Noble have also been released and have appeared across the West Midlands. The works are also scheduled to be displayed in Ipswich, Manchester, Oxford, Telford and London in coming weeks.

A further series of four pieces will be released each week for a period of four weeks.

The Law on the Wall exhibition has been organised by Lawyers Arts Club, the world's first arts club for lawyers.

Co-founder Alexander said: "Law on the Wall is the first-ever interactive artwork that gives everyday people definition, interaction and engagement with the law. The power of a single word is each taken from an act passed through parliament.

"We decided to release Respect as the first piece in the Law on the Wall exhibition following the growing movement calling for statues with links to colonialism to be torn down. It's not just statues that are at risk. Some properties have been criticised as the fruits of British Empire oppression with Churchill's statue in Parliament Square defaced, for example.

"These are very important conversations to have, and art plays a key role in that. We want to preserve British history and art, not destroy it."

Paris Theodorou, a solicitor from Theodorous Law Firm, the sponsor of Law on the Wall said: "Law on the Wall is a very interesting project as it combines art with the law through tech and raises awareness of UK legislation, creating discussion around the law through the arts.

"We are proud to support a project that goes against the narrative of destruction and damage and instead encourages conversation, discussion and interaction."

To find out more and discover the first four works of interactive art, visit:

Instagram: @thelawyersartsclub

Twitter: @lawyersartsclub



Lawyers Arts Club (LAC) was established in 2020 by a lawyer and an artist. The LAC is the world's first arts club for lawyers. The LAC works as a house of legal artistic production engaging, inspiring and delivering artworks of outstanding beauty.

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