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Experienced nutritional therapist and naturopath Caroline Peyton has launched her first online course to help people take simple steps to improve their gut health.

A specialist in the gut and digestive health, Caroline believes that many people do not realise what an impact their gut can have on their physical and mental wellbeing. The NHS itself estimates about 20 per cent of the population live with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

She said: "Our gut and our brain work in tandem with each other - and as a society we are uneducated about that. Our gut contains healthy bacteria, our 'microbiome' which helps us ward off viruses, bad bacteria and fungi. If our gut is out of balance and unhealthy it can lead to physical symptoms or upset our mental wellbeing too."

Caroline's course "5 Step Process To Relieve Your IBS" is designed as a self-help tool for those who suffer with problems in their gut. She designed the video-based course to help the thousands of people who live with gut problems day in and day out including: 

  1. Those diagnosed with IBS who have been unable to find relief through conventional treatment
  2. Those diagnosed with IBS who have tried various eliminatory diets yet who still experience symptoms yet are eating a more and more restricted diet.
  3. Those whose life is made a misery as going out is dominated by constantly looking for the nearest toilet. 
  4. Those who have undergone various diagnostic procedures which come back clear so do not have a way forward.
  5. Those who are fed up of so much bloating that they look and buy clothes in a size bigger than they actually are.

Caroline is an established and leading naturopath and nutritional therapist in the South West and the Cotswolds. She runs clinics in Swindon, Cirencester and Kempsford and this year celebrated her 10th business anniversary. 

She said: "I've wanted to do this course - and others - for so long. Lockdown has given me that opportunity to create this online tool to help as many people as possible for as low a cost as possible."

The online video course costs £27 and Caroline is a regular commentator in the media around issues such as gut health and nutrition.

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