TheDrug.Store is an online Cannabidiol (CBD) retailer launched by a London-based startup, providing a selection of quality brands to meet the growing demand for CBD products in the UK and mainland Europe.

With the aims of making a rapidly growing industry more easily understood, TheDrug.Store have unveiled a new product recommendation tool on their website, where users can input data and be offered the right CBD product for them.

The launch represents a big step for the industry in offering data-driven product recommendations, helping consumers to navigate the huge variety of products within the CBD market and allowing them to make more confident purchase decisions which fit their needs.

TheDrug.Store achieved significant public and press attention after opening the first ever CBD pop-up store of its kind on the Kings Road of Chelsea. Opened with the aim of showcasing the diversity of CBD products and its mainstream potential, TheDrug.Store team were also able to give consumers the chance to test CBD first hand and learn about the legalities surrounding it.

Clemens Böninger, Co-founder of TheDrug.Store says: "It quickly became evident to us that the primary reason most of our customers came to the shop was that they were interested in CBD, but had no idea which product to get. In the shop, we could help point customers in the right direction, but the question was how to achieve this online."

With no online tools in the industry offering consumers this knowledge, TheDrug.Store team have developed the online product recommendation tool by analysing anonymous aggregate customer data, available scientific studies and application categories to automatically recommend the right product to customers based on a series of questions.

The wide range of needs and applications of CBD products ranging from skin conditions, to anxiety and pain could previously make product selection confusing in this new market, however this new tool aims to make the industry a simpler one to navigate.

The tool has also proved essential for customers who may not want to share their reasons for using CBD but still require guidance on the industry. The product checker can offer these customers valuable information, whilst retaining their privacy.

Johan Obel, Co-founder of TheDrug.Store says: "I believe that we have created an innovative tool that can make the purchase decision much easier for customers who come to our site, eliminating confusion and improving customer satisfaction with every sale." - Johan Obel, Co-founder at TheDrug.Store

At their next CBD pop-up store launching on the 15th March in Notting Hill, the team plan to continue demystifying the industry for consumers by setting up screens for allowing customers to use the new product finder.

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