Convosphere takes enormous pride in their pioneering expertise in global and multilingual social listening and consumer insights analysis. Through human-led social data research, Convosphere has helped organisations across myriad industries and geographies better understand their consumers, allowing them to obtain an unparalleled understanding of their target audiences.

Paul Brothers, founder and COO of Convosphere, said: "We are delighted to be joining the MRS Company Partner scheme. Becoming a partner reaffirms our commitment to upholding the values that are central to our research ethos and demonstrating our drive to carry out this research with the utmost professionalism. We look forward to a long and productive relationship, one that will see our exceptional work for our clients carried out with the highest integrity as Convosphere goes from strength to strength."

Jane Frost CBE, CEO of MRS, commented: "Social media measurement and interpretation is an increasingly important part of any marketing department's armoury. It is a complex field and there has been much debate about reliability and accuracy. In becoming an accredited company partner, Convosphere is making a very public statement about its commitment to ethical and quality standards, which I really welcome. I very much look forward to Convosphere taking full advantage of all the opportunities open to it and its staff such as our diversity networks and sustainability campaign. I hope to see them at an event soon!"

About Convosphere

As a social-first insights agency, Convosphere recognises that the value of global social listening lies in the impact data-driven decisions can make – and the cultural relevance required to make them actionable. Through hands-on human-led social data analysis across 70+ languages, and with offices around the world we have unprecedented data access into hard-to-reach markets where we can deliver deep consumer insights that bring our global clients closer to local audiences. We can deliver a little or a lot according to our client's business needs, from running global social listening projects to providing strategic recommendations across multiple markets, channels or platforms, including owned social platform analytics and additional datasets to put social conversations in context.

About MRS

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