Leading social media insights agency Convosphere has announced the launch of its new service Cartosphere Network Analysis, a pioneering multi-platform social media listening solution to help organisations more effectively navigate the social media landscape and online world.

The addition of Cartosphere to Convosphere's services offering marks a significant milestone in the company's development. It underlines Convosphere's position as a key player in digital consumer research and its commitment to driving innovation within the social media intelligence sector.

With Cartosphere, Convosphere is combining its longstanding expertise in human-driven social media data analysis with emerging network analysis methodologies, to provide clients with a bespoke and dynamic map that helps them to better understand the digital landscape around them.

Through the integration of qualitative and quantitative research methods, Cartosphere furthers organisations' ability to answer business questions central to their communication strategy and product development pathway. Its core usage applications include but are not limited to:

  • Authentic influencer identification: Cartosphere identifies influencers, based on their role in a specific topic, rather than standalone metrics, such as follower count or the number of engagements.
  • Segmentation and targeting: Cartosphere reveals the segmentation that organically occurs in a social network, based on patterns of engagement, helping organisations to better target communities about which they care.
  • Tracking: Cartosphere shows exactly how and where content (a campaign, a narrative or an individual social media post) makes its way across the digital world to see if it reaches the intended audience.
  • Analysing the whole web: By looking at how hyperlinks connect websites, and how embedded links move people from social media to other sites, Cartosphere extends beyond Twitter and detects exactly how communities form across the open-source digital landscape.

Oliver Lewis, insights director at Convosphere, said: "We are delighted to add Cartosphere Network Analysis to our rich service portfolio. Our mission has always been to provide our clients with insights that support their decision making and strategic planning.

"With Cartosphere, we are taking this to the next level. By unearthing how content travels online, Cartosphere enables brands not only to visualise their place in the online world but also better understand how to connect with the communities they care about."

Paul Brothers, founder and COO of Convosphere, added: "Cartosphere refutes any lingering doubts about the value of social media listening as a consumer research method. We look forward to inviting our clients to discover a new dimension in social media intelligence, unparalleled among the quant or qual-based methods many organisations still rely on."

Learn more about Cartosphere Network Analysis in our new guide, available for download here.

About Convosphere

As a social-first insights agency, Convosphere recognises that the value of global social listening lies in the impact data-driven decisions can make - and the cultural relevance required to make them actionable.

Through hands-on human-led social data analysis across 70+ languages, and with offices around the world we have unprecedented data access into hard-to-reach markets where we can deliver deep consumer insights that bring our global clients closer to local audiences.

We can deliver a little or a lot according to our client’s business needs, from running global social listening projects to providing strategic recommendations across multiple markets, channels or platforms, including owned social platform analytics and additional datasets to put social conversations in context.

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