We Buy Broken Vans

Van-owners nationwide dread expressions like “write-off”, “beyond economical repair” and “scrap value only”. They all evoke pain and dread of having to replace the “beloved van”. We spoke to one UK business who aim to ease the pain through buying the vans nobody else wants at competitive prices.

We Buy Broken Vans operates across the entire UK mainland and has recently updated their website to increase the reach of their service and also to provide extra information to the visitor, including answering some of the most frequently asked questions. We spoke to Lee, Business Owner at We Buy Broken Vans about their broken van buying service.

When asked about who exactly the service was open to and designed around, Lee said,

"The service is open to members of the general public as well as motor traders. Operating on an appointment basis, we inspect the van at the same time of collection. We need proof of ID (such as Passport) and also the V5C, but documentation is kept to a minimum.

If the van is in the same condition "as described" by the owner in the online valuation, we instantly pay for the van by PayPal or bank transfer and that's it we take the van away."

The service centres around the online valuation tool, so we asked Lee to explain how this tool works, "The valuation tool couldn't be easier really. It's designed around the customer and to be as easy and as simplistic as possible to use. All the customer needs to do is enter their full details into the tool, criteria like registration #, mileage, condition, etc. and within 2-3 minutes a valuation is given. I can't emphasise enough it's crucial that the condition is accurately described. Our name is "We Buy Broken Vans", so we honestly expect faults and just ask people to honestly appraise their van with the tool."

Once, customers have their valuation, We Buy Broken Vans commit to guaranteeing the valuation for a full seven days. With the service, a wide-range of vans are bought from a massive variety of make and models. Although they buy any make of van, particular favourites remain, Ford, Nissan, Renault and Vauxhall models. The list is almost endless with the business buying many van types every week.

All vans experience faults but some make them beyond economical repair, this is particularly the case with older, low value vans. Major faults are not limited to but certainly include engine failure (possibly through lack of oil or cambelt failure), gearbox problems, MOT failure, steering and suspension problems, etc.

In many cases, vans are written off due to accidents. Insurance companies are notorious for low valuations though. We Buy Broken Vans frequently buy insurance category C, D, N, S and vans and offer far high valuations, whilst also offering much faster payment settlement too.

Many customers are confused about the exact reason why We Buy Broken Vans are so keen to buy the vans that “nobody else wants”. Lee commented, “It’s far from true to say nobody else wants the vans – there is an active market for these vans! We make a living from this business and love the environmental benefits we see every week in extending the lives of many vans. We also love to see the relief on many of our customer’s faces after we bought a van with faults from them!

About We Buy Broken Vans

We Buy Broken Vans is a business trading in Wythall, West Midlands. The business was founded with the principle of giving an outlet (and hope) for owners of broken/faulty vans to speedily sell their van for a competitive price with the minimum of fuss and hassle.

The business has grown steadily over the years and offers a collection service across the UK, enabling owners to sell their van without having to even leave their own premises. Owners can obtain a FREE online valuation in only 2-3 minutes by completion of the online intuitive valuation tool.

We Buy Broken Vans invite visitors to visit their website (which was recently upgraded) and use the valuation tool and also view all of the content including blog posts as well as numerous FAQs with answers. Why not give them a call and see if their service might work for you?

We Buy Broken Vans contact details

Company website: https://www.webuybrokenvans.co.uk

Registered Office: Unit 3, Sandpits Industrial Estate, Houndsfield Lane, Wythall

West Midlands, B47 5QR

Telephone: UK +44 (0) 0121 285 9859

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeBuyBrokenVansUK

Organisation: We Buy Broken Vans Ltd

Contact Name:
Business Owner
We Buy Broken Vans
Contact Phone:
+44 (0) 0121 285 9859