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Mr Nosal met with the firm’s charity client twice this past week, and the meetings produced exciting news for Legends Incorporated. The direct marketing and sales specialist has produced some of the best quality in the country which has been rewarded with an increase in budget. Speaking about the news, Mr Nosal stated, “It’s fantastic that our hard work and high standards are being acknowledged and rewarded.”

Legends Incorporated: About the Firm

At Legends Incorporated they work hard to deliver an outstanding customer experience, and they have gained a reputation for their ability to provide a large quantity of quality customer acquisitions. Mr Nosal believes that the firm’s commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience is key to their success and the award-winning entrepreneur is passionate about standing out from the crowd through the quality of the company's work. The business owner revealed the secrets to their high-quality results.

  1. A commitment to training

 Legends incorporated believe that ongoing training is imperative for producing top quality results. The firm is committed to helping their workforce achieve their goals and reach their full potential and CEO, Kamil Nosal contends that ongoing coaching and training is integral to development and high-quality performance and results. “It’s important not to stay stagnant and get comfortable, the only way to stay ahead of the competition and consistently deliver optimum results is to keep learning and developing,” stated Mr Nosal.

 2. In-Person Promotions

 Legends Incorporated attributes their high-quality results to their approach to marketing. The firm exclusively uses in-person promotions to market and promote their client’s products, services, and causes. Mr Nosal believes that the human element is key to engaging customers and building brand loyalty. “I firmly believe that people buy from people and that in-person promotions is the most effective form of direct marketing,” commented Mr Nosal.

It’s set to be an exhilarating end to the first quarter of 2018 as the new budget starts to come into play. Everyone at Legends Incorporated is excited to see what the next few months hold in the run-up to the standout event in the direct sales and marketing calendar, the annual Sales Awards Gala, held in London.


Legends Incorporated is a Maidstone-based direct sales and marketing firm that provide clients with the highest standard of customer care, an exceptional customer buying experience, and the most loyal customer base. To do this, they ensure continuous development and learning.

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