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MD of the Birmingham-based Direct Mail company Lorraine Burnell spoke following the publication of the report that provides an overview and analysis of public complaints arising from the fundraising activities carried out by FRSB charities throughout 2013. "Overall the figures are good news for charities but they offer challenges to ensure that all Direct Mail is as carefully targeted as possible."

The report stated that more than half (54%) of charities use direct marketing channels (up from 40% in 2012), with 52% of those reporting complaints (down from 66% in 2012). Almost two thirds (64%) of direct marketing complaints are prompted by mailings with addressed direct mail continuing to top the list of complaints, now yielding over a third (35%) of all fundraising complaints and twice as many complaints as any other area.

Lorraine continued "The rise in the number of charities using Direct Mail is significant – a testament to its cost-effectiveness and ability to create an emotional connection with its target audience. However, the total number of complaints has increased due to increase in volume of mailings and all charities need to work hard to ensure that the level of complaints is reduced."

The nature of the complaints are not specified in the report but Lorraine believes poor data and failure to make mailshots Mailing Preference Service complaint may be two major factors stating "No matter how worthy the cause if people are receiving mail they have requested not to receive they will have cause for complaint. Smaller charities may be cost-cutting by buying  poor out-of-date data but it’s a false economy – an untargeted mailshot is simply a waste of money and a wasted fundraising opportunity."

Baker Goodchild work with charities providing a range of services including Direct Mail fulfilment, national and international postage services, personalisation and data processing.

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