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CEO, Lyudmil Borisov understands the importance of taking the time to refresh in such a demanding industry as the sales and marketing sector. As such, the entrepreneur organised a skiing trip to his native Bulgaria to display the importance that lays within the phrase, ‘work hard, play hard.’

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A recent study by Professor Lonnie Aarssen and Laura Crimi was designed to test the hypothesis of ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ that was published in The Open Psychology Journey that surveyed 1400 undergraduates at Queen’s University. Researchers found that individuals would generally fit into one of two categories, the relatable here being “go-getters” those of which had a strong attraction to achievements and relaxation.

To conclude the study, Aarssen described some humans as experiencing a “legacy drive,” which can be defined as wanting to leave their legacy, a strong mark on the world - a prevailing thought that can be directly attributed to entrepreneurs. Of the research, 40% of the received data could be successfully explained by the link between accomplishment and leisure, i.e., proving the direct link between ‘working hard and playing hard.’

LGB Direct detail how the sales and marketing industry directly attracts professionals that would describe themselves as aspiring entrepreneurs. As they have a strong desire to go further than the average individual in regards to meeting objectives, driving their careers and achieving success, which must be balanced with time out for leisure to avoid ‘entrepreneur burnout’ states LGB Direct.

LGB Direct has seen astronomical success since their inception in 2010 and can attribute this in part to the enormous dedication of CEO Lyudmil Borisov and the firm's hugely motivated and determined aspiring entrepreneurs involved within the company's day-to-day running. As such, the CEO has a number of further R&R trip planned for the course of 2018, acting as both an incentive and reward for contractors at the firm that can provide their already exceptional sales and marketing techniques to consumers and clients.




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