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Mobile Fun, the UK's leading online retailer of mobile phone accessories have sourced a wide range of Lightning charging packs to ensure that the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini remain fully juiced at all times.

When the Lightning charging port was first announced for the new Apple devices, a lot of Apple users were in uproar about the availability of Lightning accessories and the ability to use old accessories with the new Apple devices.

Panic not, Mobile Fun have already sourced a variety of adapters for the Lightning charger and now they have a range of charging accessories, both for on the go and at home.  

Available to be pre-ordered now the Energizer HighTech Lightning Car Charger is one of the big brand chargers available from Mobile Fun, to help keep the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and new iPod devices fully charged whilst on the go.

This iPhone 5 charger is perfect for use during long journeys, as it means that features of the iPhone can be used such as the SatNav or music, without having to worry about battery life being drained.

Another option for charging whilst in the car is the Gripmount iPhone 5 Charger Mount Kit. As with the Energizer it includes an in-car charger for the iPhone 5, but also includes a Gripmount car mount which holds the iPhone 5 in a safe and legal position whilst driving. This also means that the iPhone can remain docked whilst being charged, as the Gripmount doesn't hinder any of the ports of the iPhone.

Finally, the Ultimate Lightning Charger Pack is available which contains both an in-car charger and a mains wall charger, complete with a USB lead, so that the Apple devices can be charged anywhere at any time. This is a great spare pack to have around so that the user never has to worry about not having a charger for their Apple device.

These charging accessories are available from Mobile Fun, as part of their wide range of Apple accessories.


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Mobile Fun were recently named the 'Best Accessory Retailer' 2012 at the What Mobile Awards and won the title of Online Retailer of the Year at the Mobile News Awards 2012 for the second year running.  
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