St. Helier, England – 4 December 2012 – In a campaign to help improve the environment, the U.K. government has announced the implementation of the Green Deal. This deal encourages home-owners to make improvements to their properties that will help save energy and cut down on the carbon footprint that each household leaves on the environment.

In addition to allowing households and businesses to add the cost of improvements to their monthly energy bills, the Green Deal also allows for a cash-back incentive of up to £1,000. The Green Deal Cash-Back Scheme has been set up on a first-come, first-serve basis to encourage citizens to act quickly. By improving their energy efficiency, home-owners will also save on their energy bills; households that make an improvement in energy efficiency could reduce heating bills by as much as £200 a year.

The online LED lighting company,, has an extensive inventory of LED bulbs and fixtures available to help consumers meet Green Deal guidelines. Both traditional and contemporary lighting styles are available, so regardless of the look of one’s home, office, retail space or warehouse, customers will find the products to match. A return on an investment in LED lighting is typically seen in less than 12 months.

"The Green Deal Scheme set up by the Government is a great way for households to work together to reduce their carbon footprint. At Light Rabbit we have a range of cost-efficient and energy-efficient lighting products to help" states David Kennedy, Managing Director.

The impact of this environmental legislation will affect both individuals and businesses alike. Households and businesses can take advantage of cost-cutting improvements; businesses can also take advantage of the opportunities for expansion and growth that the energy sector will present. Green Deal incentives apply to changes made starting January of 2013.


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Here at Lightrabbit, you will be able to get your hands on a wide range of LED bulbs and related goodies at exceptionally low prices. However, though it sounds ever so slightly cheesy, we don't just sell bulbs and similar LED powered items; we can actually sell you long term savings. LED bulbs have the potential to last for an approximate 50,000 hours which certainly suggests value for money. Beyond this long lasting and impressive lifespan, LED bulbs also have the potential to reduce your energy consumption which is not just great news for you and your wallet, but also good news for the environment. So, if savings, greener living and value for money are all key concepts which appeal to you, you've done the right thing by visiting

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