Lion Guard
Lion Guard gun cabinets have landed – the new product promising both form and function at an unbeatable price. Sleek, high quality and packed full of subtle touches, our designers have truly excelled themselves in producing a cabinet that not only fulfils a customer’s need for secure gun storage, but looks good too.

Two solid 7-lever locks with double-bitted keys, a 3-year warranty and a smooth, flawless design makes Lion Guard the cabinet of choice for shooters. Our cabinets have been manufactured to the highest standards under strict quality controls to the BS7558/92 standard, ensuring that our customers get top-notch gun storage for years to come. We know what shooters need, and that’s why we’ve added extra features such as a foam gun divider and a protective floor mat to keep your gun safe and scuff-free. Not only that, our double-bitted keys, 7-lever locks and anti-crowbar door system give you peace of mind that your guns are safe and secure. Still not convinced? Visit our website, to find out more.

About Lion Guard

A newcomer to the gun cabinet market, Lion Guard is owned and operated by Level Products Ltd. Collectively we have a wealth of experience in creating superior products and offering comprehensive customer service. We believe in our products – their quality, their build, their design and what they offer to gun owners, and we know that you will too.

Manufactured with this in mind, strict quality controls are in place for all of our products despite the competitive price tag. As a result, our gun cabinets are attractive, reliable and strong – a place you know that your guns will be safe. The attractive finish adds a contemporary edge to the traditional gun cabinet, making it less of an eyesore in the home or place of work. We know our products are good, that’s why we offer a 3-year warranty as standard.

We offer great customer service too, both to our trade customers and the end user. We are based in the UK and can offer knowledge and advice to any trade or customer enquiries you may have, five days a week, from 9am to 5pm.

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