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In a statement released by the firm, they shared some of the reasons why companies need to make more of an effort to bring people together.

London based direct sales and marketing firm Live Innovations believes that building a close-knit team is the foundation of any successful business. From the start, creating a strong community has always been a priority for the firm. Live Innovations continuously tries to get the team together so that they can build a genuine connection. The firm claims that this approach has a positive impact on team morale, productivity and longevity.

Live Innovations:

Right from the beginning, Live Innovations offers candidates the opportunity to join in an observation day as part of their interview. This allows them to meet the people they will be working with and decide if they would be a good fit for the company.

In addition to that, Live Innovations takes the time to get to know each individual, supports people in their personal development and arranges a number of group activities to bring their workforce together. The weekly crew breakfast has become a ritual. Live Innovations, managing director, Tom Harris motivates others by providing recognition and rewards.

His Aussie roots shine through with creative ideas, such as sales competitions and the recent ‘Spicy Chicken Wing Challenge’. Mr Harris always aims to get everyone involved and create a fun but professional environment - a true example of the firm living their third core value, which is ‘Don't be boring’.

On a recent business trip to Norwich, the team stayed at an Air B&B where they were able to take care of chickens each morning and collect their eggs. “It’s really about doing something a bit different and making every work experience, a life experience which is fun” said Mr Harris.

Building such a close-knit team is proven to be very beneficial for businesses. It creates trust and encourages people to come up with great ideas, be happy at work and feel empowered to make decisions. Live Innovations insists that a company culture that cares about their people creates trusting relationships. As a result, people are motivated to consistently perform well and go the extra mile. This has a positive impact on the customer experience, which then results in increased sales and revenue. “By investing in your people, you build a strong foundation for a successful business that will grow and prosper”, explains Tom Harris, founder and managing director of Live Innovations.

Located in London, Live Innovations is an outsourced direct sales and marketing company that specialises in direct sales and marketing campaigns for their clients. The firm aims to provide rapid growth opportunities for their clients’ brands. Live Innovations is currently preparing to expand into further markets across the UK. Plans to explore markets overseas are also currently under discussion.

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